“The space you live in will be the sanctuary that replenishes your soul and supports your dreams.”

– Jayme Barrett, Feng Shui Your Life.

What I Do


pace Alchemy is the science and magic of transforming the spaces in which we live.  So much more than just a neat rearrangement of the “stuff” in your house,Space Alchemy addresses the “stuff”, the spaces it fills, and the people who fill it to get to the heart of healing our relationships with our possessions and the habitats we create for ourselves. 

Just like the art of alchemy worked thousands of years ago to transform mundane elements into precious gold, so does Space Alchemy take the ordinary elements of house and human and transform them into your sacred home.  It is the magic and the means by which each person makes their living space not just clean and comfortable, but alive.

When it comes to this task, Anna is a Master Magician, transforming not just the outer spaces of ones home, but the inner spaces of the person who dwells there as well.  Space Alchemy is where organizing meets healing, and where the uniqueness of every individual becomes expressed in the art of their home.

Why I Do It

I have always walked through a well-ordered space and deeply appreciated it, or else fantasized how it wants to be improved.  The art of making a livable space alive is work I’m have fun with, and work that needs doing -sometimes we are not so keen to prioritize tackling the piles and disarray weighing us down.

It’s stimulating to create systems that help your space function and flow more cleanly, and delightful to directly support you making the shifts which free and positively influence you physically and emotionally, and even spiritually, financially, and relationally.

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