Energy work has been an essential part of my process both in my personal healing journey and my continuing transformation.  I can’t imagine life without this support.

I’ve practiced Reiki energy work since 2014.  I also receive Reiki and other forms of energy work regularly myself (almost exclusively via distance sessions) to heal my body, support myself emotionally, soothe my nervous system, and open my mind to fresh ideas.  It’s an all-around win.

Reiki treatments can address a range issues:

– the more concrete such as surgery recovery,
– the more subtle levels of releasing/clearing energetic blockage to personal growth
– the easing of physical pain,
– the expediting of healing of minor ailments
– strengthening the immune system

– balancing emotions and mood.

The body is brilliantly capable of healing itself, given the opportunity.

A short email consult takes place prior to a first session, in which clients can share what’s most “up” for their body and being.  At the time of the session, the Reiki receiver relaxes mind and body in a quiet space and simply enjoys. I send follow up notes, and encourage you to share what you noticed on the journey as well.

a session using the calendar below.


$160/in person session

$80/distance session

$300/monthly subscription (inquire for details)

How Does Remote Energy Work…Work?

One way to conceptualize Reiki is as if love, prayer, and positivity were alchemized into medicine and nourishment for your body and being, then poured on like a waterfall, with quiet yet powerful effect.  In other words, find out for yourself, and check out:

Connection Reiki – Distance Reiki Explained

5 Types of People who Benefit from Distance Reiki


  • "I think your presence, magic nose pets, hayokey perspectivals and reiki really helped bunches! I had a breakthrough moment later that eve and have felt strong, confidant, healthy, happy, in my center and full since. Like coming out if a bad soul cold at last. Deep bows Love"

  • "I am feeling like I'm glowing! So calm... Despite getting really angry with my son... It dissipated and I'm back to my deep peacefulness ... It's like I AM peace... IF that makes any sense. I'm just alive with connection.  Energy. Vibration. Universe. Raising consciousness. This is my new world. My new life. It's all fitting together. This is the way it really is."

  • “You’re the human equivalent of a hot bath - I feel so refreshed and relaxed after our time together.”

  • "Anna's loving presence and supportive touch has become a staple in the care of our dog, who has chronic pain and anxiety. Without his weekly Reiki sessions, he becomes aggressive and his pain is evident. with his regular sessions he is much calmer and seems to be free of pain.  Anna's Reiki has saved our pet's life as euthanasia was suggested by multiple vets until we found this solution. Her touch has made a world of difference!!!"

  • "Omg omg omg omg. This is the first time I’ve been able to eat or drink anything without taking ibuprofen half an hour before (or faced excruciating pain). I just finished breakfast, including hot tea, with just a very very mild discomfort. The surgery area is feeling a LOT better! The difference is like night & day. You’re freaking amazing. You’re a wizard! Thanks for sharing your beautiful skills with me. I’m so grateful that now I’m all choked up."

  • "Her energy and her reiki are simply magical. Even her timing, when I am needing it most, is perfect.  I consider her healing talents and spirit around me one of my life’s most special blessings."
  • "Anna is such an amazing communicator.  She’s able to discuss subtle nuances and ask for what she wants.  Why is this important for an organizer?  Because she’s able to teach that to you too!  That’s what the organizing process is all about- identifying what you want and taking the steps to get there.  Now that she’s adding Reiki into her services, the work is that much more powerful.  In the distance session we did together, I could feel how she was helping me clear stagnation and release old energy that wasn’t needed anymore.  What are you ready to let go of?  Sign up for a distance session with Anna and surprise yourself with how that helps you declutter your surroundings!"




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