• "Anna is a positive, energetic person who is a remarkably fast processor of information and fast problem solver.

    My experience working with her over the last 8 or so months (on a whole house de-clutter) quickly revealed that she brings a very unique skill set to the job. 

    I simply haven't encountered her talent before when hiring.

    Previously, I had a big bill and no changes in my physical environment.  With Anna it was completely different. 

    A true collaboration with dramatic results.  She conquers decision fatigue. She takes the lead as needed. She is adaptable and steps back when appropriate. 

    Anna works the problem from all angles with wit, grace and power.

    I highly recommend working with Anna Reedy on

    your de-cluttering & organizing project!"


    Kristin Ballard
  • "The move is going very well.  Sounds cliche, but couldn't have done it without you!"

    K.G. Ballard
  • "I can't say enough good things about Anna and her work with me.  In addition to being absolutely delightful, her service is both a rare offering and an incredible gift. 

    Anna not only helped me sort through my things and manage my time, but she also helped me sort through and manage myself! 

    She understands that whatever state of clutter or overwhelm we have in our lives is more about our relationship to ourselves and our things than it is about the things themselves.

    That is invaluable, because now I have the tools and the insight to stay on top of things on my own going forward. 

    Anna supported me in making some radical shifts in the way I deal with space and time.

    Anna is at once glowing and fierce.  She made cleaning my closet into a journey of self-reflection and I am deeply grateful she was there to walk me through it. 

    No one else is doing this kind of work.  No one.  If you feel the need for more space in your home- or in your life- it would be a mistake not to call Anna."

    John Green Lake

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